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Life 2.0

Who knew that life would be so interesting after you almost die, or watch that happen to someone you love?

So many cliches talk about death and what it does to those left behind. But what does it mean when, as a couple, you experience what was before only an abstract idea, a fleeting thought quickly dismissed or shunted aside? After all, who wants to think about death or leaving behind those you love even and who love you?

At some point, all couples face this reality, whether they want to or not...mostly not. For us, the inevitable came in early January 2015. Like most Baby Boomers, we had experienced the deaths of parents, friends, high school or university classmates. Those deaths, as difficult as they were, were not as visceral or emotionally overwhelming than the idea that your spouse may be the next to die.

A sudden illness put Pete into the hospital for three months during which he almost died twice. It was our time to face reality and we were, admittedly, less than fully prepared. Actually, we were woefully not ready for those daily challenges.

Throughout his hospitalization and subsequent seven months of recovery, each day was full of hope and fear, of happiness and tears, and of a life we never thought was possible.

We each handled our respective challenges individually, but it was those that we faced together that allowed us to more fully realize the depth of our love and our commitment to the bond that strengthens every day.

This website and our blogs are our way of sharing what we discovered, how our lives changed and where life is taking us, including travels around our great nation and the world.

Hang in there with us and we hope you'll think about making your life the one of which you dream.

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