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Lines, lines everywhere lines (with compliments to the Five Man Electrical Band)

Lines. We all know about lines. In supermarkets. In Disney World. At airports with too many lines that go way too slow...especially when you're trying to catch a connecting flight. There's nothing inherently wrong with lines as they do, sometimes, make things easier and quicker...think the 15 items or less less at the grocery store (unless, of course, someone who can't count slips in). They are a necessary evil, a concession to "manners" in the name of making things work. So why do we all get so frustrated with lines? Simple: We're always in the wrong one. Like in Paris trying to get through passport control. With only two stations open, three lines had formed, two for priority boarding and one for the rest of us in economy. Even though there was an airport employee there wrangling us through, it just wasn't working. She tried, but the crowd members failed to, shall we say, wait their turns. And let's not even mention the people who broke into line after we had been standing there for nearly 30 minutes anxiously watching the clock tick down to the departure of our next flight. And let's also not mention the woman behind us who took it upon herself to let the wrangler know that she and her husband had been waiting too long and something needed to be done about it. Can't say I disagreed with her, but it just wasn't appropriate. And, of course, there is every traveler's favorite line: getting off the plane. We all know how it goes. The plane lands. Someone makes the announcement: "Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to (wherever). Please keep your seatbelt fastened until the plane comes to a complete stop and the captain turns off the seat belt sign." As soon as the words end, the clicks of death belts unbuckling sounds like someone popping bubble wrap. Everyone immediately stands up into the aisle...and then waits and waits and waits. No matter where you are in the plane (unless you can afford first class) it takes an interminable long time to get off. Usually that's because someone can't get their carry-on, which is way too big to be anything but checked baggage, out of the overhead. Or, someone who came late and had to put his or her bag several rows behind them try to fight through the crowd to get their bag while everyone else is trying to get off. Next line up: Princess check-in. Here's hoping for a shorter wait. 

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