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Smooth sailing

I'm a little disappointed in the Mediterranean. The last time we were in this same area, it was behaving MUCH better.  And by better, I mean it was rough and the ship was moving a lot.  I love that.  I have been known to jump in the on-board pools when they were completely emptying in one direction, then waving back to empty in the other. I LOVE that. It for sure isn't safe, and most ships won't allow it for long, but it's a blast while it's on.  I really like sleeping in rough seas, too -- I supposed I'm channeling my inner child and loving being rocked to sleep, the rougher the better.  And then there's walking .... we've been on cruises in this same area in which you HAD to hold onto the hallway handrail or be always stepping at the wrong height -- flying back and forth from side to side. I know I'm weird, but I kind of like that, too.  We've already stopped at four ports on this Spanish Passage tour ... tomorrow is another port (Seville/Cadiz) and then there's a sea day. After that sea day, there are two days in the Canary Islands, then SEVEN sea days before Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The odds are high, I think, that I might be a little less disappointed in the Atlantic Ocean.

I can only hope. 

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