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I love volcanos. Many years ago, on a cruise that, unbeknownst to us at the time, was destined to be the first of many, we climbed Mt. Vesuvius. It was HARD. The path was shale and black sand. It was VERY warm. Did I mention that I was wearing a knee brace, too? Pete was the first of our group to arrive at the caldera, followed by two men we'd met when our group gathered on the ship. I was number four, amazing everyone. It was a blast (not literally, fortunately). How amazing to stand at the lip of the Vesuvius crater! Later in this same day we visited Pompeii and saw the destruction wrought by that very same volcano, hundreds of years before. We visited another volcano in Santorini. And at Mt. Etna in Sicily. And today it's Mt. Teide's turn, though we're not getting up to the summit, but just the caldera. Something about these just leaves me in awe. So much potential for destruction. So much pent-up energy. Amazing.  

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