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Cut off

Cut off For some reason, the Royal Princess, this amazing ship that we've been on for almost ten days (and will be on for five more days) is experiencing satellite internet problems. Now, normally the way the internet works when you're on a cruise is that you purchase (or are awarded based on your loyalty status onboard) internet minutes, and no matter where you are in the world, you can connect. We've connected in the middle of the Caribbean, in the Aegean Sea, in the Holy Land, in the Mediterranean, even far above the Arctic Circle (130 miles from the polar ice cap!) in Svalborg, Norway. However, this time the internet is evasive .... sometimes on, often off, but seldom with a good signal. No idea why. So we've had to manage. Horrors! No connection to the outer world! It actually makes you think how dependent we are on that umbilical cord that connects all of us ... all the time. Isn't it good for us to be disconnected, at least occasionally? And, if that's true, then what better time than when you're on vacation, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean? I'm trying to be patient. Unlike some of my fellow passengers, I see no advantage at holding the internet people, or even Princess Cruises for that matter, to task. We're in the MIDDLE OF THE ATLANTIC OCEAN, after all. It's a good exercise, though, to be disconnected. A little retro. A little relaxing. A little like no one should expect that I'm at their beck and call right now. A little good. But I'll need it at some point just to post this blog! 

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