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Sanctuary Most Princess ships have an area they call "Sanctuary." Those of you who know me, know this particular name has a history with me and I have a fondness for it ... my counseling practice is called Sanctuary Christian Counseling. So I am familiar with the idea. But, to be honest, I seldom apply it to ME. And yet I need it. We bought lovely, comfy, padded chaise lounges in the Royal Princess Sanctuary for the afternoon. We paid for five and a half hours of sanctuary, so obviously we wanted to get the most out of it. That meant we stayed there - we lounged. We didn't get up and swim, or exercise, or run around chatting up our friends ... we sanctuaried. It was fantastic. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not sure that I could do this every day (though it was clear that some of our fellow Sanctuary people do) because it's a bit too much sitting still for me (this will surprise no one who knows me). But it was great for a part of a day. All I did was lay on that cushy lounge chair and watch the sea churn by. I read a little, I played a computer game or two ... I didn't even write a blog. I just chilled. That's something I don't do nearly enough. Sometimes, sanctuary has to come home to roost.  

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