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Cartagena: Port of All

If you travel anywhere in Europe, you quickly realize how many of the countries have similar cultures due, in part, to their history. For many, they were at one point part of the expansive Roman empire. For others, it is that their location made them a central stopping point for trade from throughout their world.

That’s especially true for port cities like Cartagena (Spain). With its location along the east coast of Spain, it was in a great position to become a major trading center for nearby countries. According to one history I read, it was founded about 220 B.C. by the Carthaginians and grew into a major power as part of the Roman empire.

Touring the city was another trip into ancient history. The Punic Wall from the 3rd Century is a highlight as are the Museo Arqueologico Municipal with its Roman amphitheatre, the Museo de la Muralla Punica (the museum with a number of artifacts and sections of the wall, as well as a large Spanish Navy shipyard. And, of course, the peacocks at Conception Castle.

It is definitely recommended for a visit when possible.

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