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In just three short days, we’ll be six hours ahead.

Huh? You ask.

We’ll be in Italy. We’ll be exhausted and frustrated; probably hungry and extremely put out, but we’ll be in Italy.

We are just about to embark on the first of three grand adventures we hope to have this year, and this first one takes us to the sunny shores of Sicily and Sorrento, and the lovely historical areas of Rome. While this is not our first trip to Italy, we are definitely looking forward to new adventures.

First is the long plane ride, which, as anyone who has done it will attest, is just grueling. I suppose first class would be fantastic, but that’s just too salty for our pockets, so economy, it is. We do have a two-seat section (just us) that is a world better than many other options, on our Aer Lingus plane, but it still is just an endurance test for this woman who does not sleep well in planes. If we could somehow harness a car to drive to Rome, I’d be fine, but planes, EH.

When we arrive we have to get ourselves by train to Naples … where after what we hope will be a good night’s rest we’ll meet two others of our party of eight, Steve and Sharon. We four will take the train along the amazing Western coast of Italy straight down to Sicily – an experience I know will be interesting and fun. The next part of the trip will be spent in Taormina in Sicily, and four others will join us: Liz and Kevin, Lorraine and Stephanie.

After a week in Taormina, several of us will board that train again and travel back to Sorrento for another few days visiting Pompeii, Capri, Herculaneum and Vesuvius. Then it’s on to Rome for more time, and some trips to the Vatican for our friends, the underground of the Colosseum for all of us, and the aqueducts for Pete and me.

We’d be glad to keep you posted! We plan to put pictures and blogs up with regularity … maybe not every day, but very often. You can find these here at and on our Two To Go facebook page. Please check it out.

And come along with us for the ride.

Us at the Collosseum in 2011.

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