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We’ve been home for a few days now, but we’re leaving in a little less than 40 days for another 15-plus days away.

I just checked Groupon for another quick getaway.

What is wrong with me?

My husband, being apprised of my efforts to book us into a Baltimore or Washington hotel for a one-day getaway, was amazed.

“What the heck!” he said. “We’re flying to England in 68 days [checking iPhone “Big Day Lite” app]. Can’t you wait?”

No. No, I can’t.

There’s just something in me that wants to be on the move … always looking for new horizons to touch, new things to explore.

That’s just me.

Being as old as I am, I never got tested for ADHD, but I suspect I might have it. For some reason it just feels better to be on the move, checking things out. Moving around. TRAVELING.

Our next trip is to England. I can’t wait.

Before then, we’ll be blogging about a lot of different and helpful traveling ideas and destinations.

Come along for the ride. It may not be traveling, but I’ll try to make it fast-paced and fun.

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