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The Antrim Road and Giant's Causeway near Belfast

We live in central Pennsylvania, and there is an Antrim Township very near us. It is no where NEAR as beautiful (though it is beautiful in it's own right) as Antrim in Northern Ireland. What an amazing, scenic, stunning place this is.

We embarked en route to the Giant's Causeway, a UNESCO site on the Eastern coast of Northern Ireland, and that meant that we travelled along the famous Antrim Road, which hugs the coast and supplies some of the most amazing scenery you will see anywhere. At every turn, seemingly, there were new cliffs and vistas too verdant and beautiful to miss.

We stopped at an old castle ruin for our first taste of the beauty that is the Antrim coast, and proceeded onto the World Heritage site, the Giant's Causeway. This is a long stretch of rocky coast with rocks and boulders that have been set upright, like pencils in a cup … you walk on rocks that look a little like uneven tiles, or, if you're very agile, on columns of rock about a foot square that are stacked next to many others.

It was windy.

It was glorious.

My knee is still an issue (darn it) but Pete was able to climb a big rock pile right by the sea. I was sitting on a more inland rock pile watching him and hoping he would not be blown into the ocean! Overall, it was beautiful, and wild. And amazing.

Another Irish place I'd love to return to!

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