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Of sea days and birthdays and a busted knee

I believe I've mentioned that my knee has been giving me problems. Well, it's only gotten worse. Actually, I'm sitting in the ship's atrium waiting for it to be 8 a.m. back in the States so I can call my orthopedic surgeon, since it's gotten so bad. It's really affected my ability to do fun things this trip, and that's just sad.

I tripped on a bubble in the sidewalk in London the night before we were due leave for the ship.

I wish I had never even seen that sidewalk, let me tell you.

It's forced us to reevaluate excursions, what we'll do in port, and even our shipboard activities.


So, in the atrium, since it's a sea day, there are lots of activities I'd love to participate in, like the line dancing lesson that just finished … the games that are upcoming, the Zumba class that I'd love to do, and many other active events.

I just can't. All I want to do is sit around with an icepack on my knee.


On the plus side, if you're thinking sea days are a bummer on a cruise, let me disabuse you of that notion. They are actually our favorites. We love getting up late … not having to rush to get off the ship. We love having breakfast in the buffet … albeit with thousands of our new friends. We love sitting around in the atrium – what we're doing now – with a pot of Earl Grey tea and reading or writing blogs. We love taking a nap in the afternoons, going to a lecture or class or two, having afternoon tea and going to a show or whatever is on offer. And there is a lot on offer on a sea day.

If you wish to be busy all day running hither and yon, you can. If you want to sit in a quiet corner with a book, you can do that, too. If you'd rather surf the internet, that's also available (though more costly). And there's a spa … And of course there are the pools! This ship has four swimming pools with the surrounding decks and amenities … including a beautiful adults-only section and a separate private section. Today, with the temperature in the 60s is not the day for that, but many times, even at this latitude (we're rounding the top of Scotland, about latitude 59 degrees) they are lovely alternatives for a sea day.

In other words, there's lots to do, regardless of your preferences for activities or relaxation.

Don't ever let the idea of being on a ship at sea keep you from trying a cruise. It's a blast. And you could be anywhere – in any small town. That's what it feels like.

Unless you have a bum knee.


On a positive note, yesterday, while the ship docked in Greenock for Glasgow, was Pete's birthday. We had a lovely day, walking around the cute little town of Greenock, shopping on the high street and in a huge mall, and just generally enjoying the brisk day. We didn't do our excursion because of my knee, but we did wind up having a couples “tip to toe” massage and facial. It was AMAZING.

We followed it up with a celebration filet mignon dinner at the ship's steak house, the Crown Grille, to celebrate Pete. The picture is after our dessert, a molten chocolate lava cake.

So we forge ahead. Me – I think I just need some more ice for my knee.

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