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All packed up and no place to go (Another slice of Meat Loaf)

I recently posted a blog about how we were all packed up and highly anticipating our cruise on the Sky Princess, October 20-November 3. We had planned the first 7-day Inaugural cruise and the next 7-day as well.

We had our big cruise bags stuffed with our formal wear (we LOVE formal nights), our casual wear for the ports and our very casual wear for the few sea days these back-to-back cruises offered.

You might notice I’m writing in past tense.

That’s because we didn’t go.

One of us who shall remain nameless developed a virus. A nasty intestinal virus. Actually, it’s the other one’s fault, as they had the virus first, and – obviously – shared, when they should not have.

This virus had us in the ER of Penn State Hershey Medical Center the Thursday night before we were due to fly to Athens to pick up the ship. We were flying Friday night, arriving in Athens mid-day Saturday and boarding on Sunday morning.

“Go ahead,” the ER doc said.

The next day we were minutes from leaving for the airport when this nasty bug reared its ugly head many ways and many times. Get on a plane for about 16 hours of flights/layovers? NO WAY.

After talking it over with Princess, we decided we’d try to make the second leg of the trip – flying out on Oct. 24 to Barcelona, to pick up the Sky Princess there Oct. 27.

The virus sufferer was better. It looked like a go. Even our trip to our family doc and subsequent blood work and exams looked like it would work.

Several days. No virus. Still planning to fly to Barcelona Thursday night.

Wednesday night. I kid you not. Mr. Virus is back again. With bells on, and the bells were ringing.

Thursday morning, we’re debating – we know it’s a virus. It should be done soon. Shall we go.

Yet another more viral attack, so we cancelled.

It’s terribly sad, and pretty frustrating, too. We did book another cruise sooner rather than later because of our annoyance with all things viral. But that cruise is still months away.

So if you’re not seeing Sky Princess pictures and blogs from us, this is why. We’re going to do something different and try to post blogs weekly about all kinds of travel-related topics, anyhow.

We’ll let you know, MUCH CLOSER TO THE TIME, about our next cruising adventure.

I may not even unpack fully.

On to working with the insurance company for our refunds.

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