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No one was singing the wedding bell blues...

At least not today on the Regal Princess, the Royal Princess and the Crown Princess. It was vow renewal day and a successful attempt to set a Guinness world record for most participants.

Here on the Regal, crowds began lining up well before the 3 p.m. appointed time. Everyone wanted to make they didn't miss the event in large part due to the officiants: Capt. Stubbing and Vicki from the old “Love Boat” television show. Throughout the past several days the excitement escalated as we all were anxiously awaiting the program and those two very special and popular guests. It was the talk of the ship. Waiting in line for dinner. Sitting in the piazza. Conversations in the elevators.

Everywhere you went, people asked if you were participating and how many years you are married. They also shared the happiness of the marriages, often accompanied by a funny story that shows marriages thrive, in part, on the laughter that comes from both good times and bad.

We were conspicuous in our “I love my...” T-shirts. Mine says I love my wife and Ellen's says she loves her husband. Time after time, people pointed and smiled when we walked by. Others stopped us and asked where got the shirts. Some, as I said above, just wanted to talk with someone else who believes in the sanctity of marriage. We enjoyed laughing with two couples, especially the one husband who gave us his secret to long marriages. He said there re only two rules for marriage: “Til death do us part” and “Thou shalt not kill.” Great advice.

Kudos to Princess for the ceremony that brought new meaning to the Love Boat. As the ceremony began each couple held hands and recited a Cliff-notes version of regular vows. Looking into Ellen's eyes and again pledging to love her, gave me a renewed love for the woman who, during our 41-years of marriage, has shared my successes and even helped save my life.

As that famous song says, “the look of love is in your eyes.” Today, I never saw that look more clearly and will cherish it forever and a day.

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