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Some random thoughts at sea

Here are some things we've noted so far on our Caribbean cruise:

  • On the flight to Ft. Lauderdale, a passenger went to the restroom...carrying a magazine. Guess she was planning to be in there for awhile.

  • Ft. Lauderdale airport is Uber heaven. Like others, we used Uber to get to our hotel. Our driver, Jeffrey, made the trip very enjoyable. But he was just one of dozens and dozens of Uber drivers that populated the pickup area at the airport. Uber's business model seems to be working and for the riders, it is a very viable alternative to getting a taxi or renting a car.

  • One of the pleasures of cruising is getting to meet and talk with people from throughout the world. Though this ship seems to lean more toward U.S. Passengers: We've met people from California, Florida, Missouri and even met someone who lives about 45 minutes from our home. Small world indeed.

  • Frustration still exists over cruisers who don't properly wash or use hand sanitizer, both of which are necessary to prevent the possibility of any type of illness outbreak. Signs are everywhere and crew members remind people, but some people just ignore those common sense approaches. So sad that they endanger everyone aboard.

  • If you ever want to renew your vows, do it at sea. The vow renewal ceremony was impressive and the atmosphere at that time was almost electric. It was also great to see couples who have been married for 50 and 60 years, possibly more, again pledge their love to each other. We were surprised that Princess didn't do some kind of video before the event with pictures or quotes from the participants. Nonetheless, can't wait to get the DVD of the event.

  • At breakfast today, we sat with two other couples. During the conversation, one table mate said he had just turned 90 and even though he said he's moving much slower these days, he plans to cruise for the foreseeable future. This is, he said, his 71st cruise on Princess. As impressive as that was, he said he has cruised more than 50 other times on various cruise lines. Wishing him many more ports of call.

  • We also met a couple from New Hampshire on the day of that state's primary election. They said they were glad to be away from the hype and hoopla that accompanies the voting.

  • Like others, we're sending our thoughts and prayers to the passengers and crew on the Diamond Princess now quarantined in Japan after an outbreak of the coronavirus. Somewhat surprisingly, there has been little conversation on board about the coronavirus. While we all know that anything is possible, passengers here are aware of it, but not overly concerned with it. Princess has, in my professional opinion, done a great job under incredibly difficult and somewhat unprecedented circumstances.

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