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Slow dancing, swaying to the music... (Shout out to Johnny Rivers)

It's Valentine's Day.

I'm on a “Celebrate Love” cruise on one of Princess Cruises Love Boats.

With my love.

It's a blast.

Last night, I had an opportunity that doesn't come around all the time – at least for us.

We were walking to the Atrium from an excellent dinner in the main dining room, and saw there was a 60s Rock 'n Roll dance party. Since Pete was in a tux and I was wearing a gown (with heels!), we hurried up to the room and changed into comfy clothes so we could dance.

And dance we did.

However, what really warmed my heart was seeing all the other couples on the dance floor, so many of whom were actually in love with each other.

An aside here – I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist in “real” life, and I sit with couples in all kinds of conflict. In fact, I kind of specialize in highly conflictual couples, so I see a LOT. Very few people who sit in front of me like each other much.

Last night was healing for me on so many levels. It is SO refreshing to be around couples who love each other!!!!

There was the older couple who kept singing the songs – especially the slow songs like “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers – to each other, and then kissing.

Or the younger couple “dirty dancing.” We thought they needed a room, and soon.

Or the woman in a wheelchair, moving her feet and body as best she could, dancing with her partner of (I'm assuming) many years.

Or the couples who had clearly taken dance lessons twirling around the dance floor, stopping to kiss occasionally.

Or the myriad of older couples on the dance floor, some using walkers or canes – some with no visual impairment, except old age – dancing with their partners whose marriage is measured not in years, but decades.

Nearly every pair of dancers kissed at the end of each slow song. Many of them kissed at the ends of the fast songs, too.

What an amazing experience for someone like myself who can sometimes feel jaded about other people's marriages (never my own wonderful marriage though). I actually felt something move inside me that felt so … healing.

This “love cruise” has been amazing. In the midst of over 1400 couples who renewed their wedding vows to each other in a Guinness Book of World Records record-breaking ceremony, some on two other Princess Cruises ships (we are on the Regal Princess, but the Crown Princess and Royal Princess also participated), I have felt surrounded by love. Not only from my dear husband, but also by the others onboard. It is not unusual to see people sitting and smooching, or cuddling on divans. Couples are walking around hand-in-hand. It's a lovely sight.

It truly is a love cruise. What an amazing place to spend Valentine's Day!

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