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Greenland isn't green, but so what?

We're back to travel with our recent cruise to Greenland. It was . . . different.

The trip began in New York City from the Brooklyn Port. We left the harbour under the watchful eye of Lady Liberty. This was our first time seeing the statue and it was inspiring. Her torch glistened just as it has since 1886 and as it did 113 years ago in 1909 when my grandfather sailed into New York harbour to what was to be his new home. As the grandson of an Italian immigrant, I could only marvel at the statue. Even from a distance, its grandeur was impressive as was the hope and promise of a better future it inspired for the millions who sailed past it as part of t

he “huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

From there it was multiple days at sea with stops in Halifax, Sydney, Nanortalik, Qaqortoq and St. John’s. Weather did force cancellation of our stop in Nuuk, but the other stops made up for the loss.

In the coming days, we'll post photos and blogs about each of the stops as well as about the sea days and the whales and dolphins we saw from our cabin.

Stay tuned!


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