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I don’t ever want to forget this time . . .

Pete sent me an article about London and I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. It wasn’t even really a travel article, but more one about a lack of travel. But it got me thinking.

I miss traveling so much.

I miss London, even though, had COVID not happened, we didn’t even have plans to go there in these quarantined years. We had planned – and cancelled – a California coastal cruise, a Panama Canal cruise, a Viking river cruise from Zurich to Paris and time in Paris, a trip to Scotland and Norway, a trip to Greenland, and several trips around the US.

It’s been a weird time. And

eliminating travel has been one of the weirdest parts of it.

And that got me thinking – how will it be when we can travel again? How will I feel the first time I step onboard a cruise ship, airplane or foreign taxi?

I’ve long thought that I would be in tears during the embarkation process of our next Princess Cruise – whenever that is. I can’t even imagine getting on a plane right now. And though I fondly remember sites we’ve been to (and to which we wish to return) and the places we stayed, and the things we did … well, it doesn’t seem quite real that we might get there again.

Pete is far more optimistic than I am.

But we have had the shots and are fully vaccinated. That feels strange. And amazing.

Technically, according to the CDC recommendations that we are anticipating soon, that means we can visit our best friends in Colorado soon. It means we have a chance of keeping our reservations for an upcoming long beach weekend. It means we might be able to take that fall trip to the Finger Lakes we’ve talked about.


And how will I feel?

Grateful. Profoundly grateful.

And I never want to forget it.


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