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Mykonos, a new port, wind and wine in Little Venice

Mykonos. The name conjures up sun-drenched hillsides with whitewashed houses, beaches, windmills, colorful homes with the water lapping at their foundations …

And restaurants by the coast filled with vacationers enjoying wine and Greek delicacies.

And this time, wind. WIND. It was ridiculously windy. We went to Delos by boat – an interesting and rough journey to this famous island of ruins. At the end of our day we took the boat shuttle back to the “new port” (ships no longer dock right by Mykonos Town (Hora) but in a new port built just for them) -- also a roller-coaster-like experience.

In between, the wind whipped around the narrow streets full of shops, bars, restaurants and gelato shops … and the water in the protected bay was very choppy. Our foray to the windmills was short – we were afraid of being blown out to sea!

One of the interesting and fun things about my latest trip is that my travel companion was not my husband but my best friend – and has no food allergies to contend with.

It was a change of pace not having to worry if there was something on the menu that she could eat, if the waitstaff would listen to us when we told them of hubby’s allergy (and not kill him!), if we could protect him while enjoying local specialties. Pete is always open to going places I also enjoy, but it was nice not having to worry that en

joyment might end in him having an allergic reaction.

This time we had wine and dessert on the coast, in Little Venice, five feet away from the surging sea.

I’d always wanted to do that.


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